3-7 July is Corporate Wellness Week in South Africa

The first week of July is Corporate Wellness Week – an opportunity to raise awareness of the need to create a healthy work environment. It is a week that puts the spotlight on wellness in the workplace and identifies the pitfalls and productivity impact of an ‘all work and no play’ attitude in the office.

With working-from-home conditions, corporate wellness looks a little different for each of us. The importance of corporate wellness, however, remains constant. It is becoming increasingly important to be able to create separate spaces for work and homelife. However, this is not possible for all of us. So, here are a few tips to keep you balanced and productive:

*Taking about 10 000 steps a day (1 hour and 40 minutes) is enough to boost your energy and lower your risk of serious health problems such as heart disease and stroke.

*Sit on an exercise ball instead of a chair. This will strengthen your abs and back and you’ll work on your posture without even trying.

*Set an alarm to go off every hour to remind you to stand up and move around. Even if you just swing your arms or take a deep breath, you’ll feel more alert.

*Join an online Pilates class.

*Snack well! Choose to snack on fruit or yoghurt during your workday instead of sweets and chocolates.

*Keep connected with loved ones over Skype, FaceTime or phone call.

*You’ve probably been told this a million times, but it’s true and really makes a difference to our overall wellbeing. By going to bed earlier and getting those eight (😎 hours of sleep, we tend to feel far less triggered in the mornings and more energised to complete what we need to do the following day.

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What are employee wellness Programmes?

Employee wellness programs or wellness plans are a form of health benefit that many employers provide – in one form or another – in addition to health insurance. The definition of a wellness program is a program that helps employees stay healthy or – in some cases – helps them improve their health.