Food and nutrition – Learn how to set your child on a path to healthy habits for life.

Healthy eating habits count from the very start. Here’s how to fuel your child’s development and prepare the ground for lasting health.

Teaching your child about healthy eating

Good food and nutrition are the foundation of children’s health and bring benefits that can last a lifetime. Teaching your child about healthy eating from a young age will help them to have a positive relationship with food well into adulthood. And believe it or not, shaping these habits can be fun and healthy – not just for your child, but your entire family!

6 ways to set your child on the path to a lifetime of positive habits.

1. Promote positive habits

2. Maintain a healthy relationship with food

3. Let go of “clean your plate!”

4. Make portion control a priority

5. Start the day with a healthy breakfast

6. Make food activities fun

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