Diaper rash (nappy rash) is something that every parent will be faced with at some point during their child’s diaper wearing years.  This is more prevalent during the first year of life.


The combination of a moist environment, exposure to urine and stools, and the rubbing of your child’s nappy on the very sensitive skin around the nappy area is a wonderful opportunity for a rash to develop.  Your child’s skin may become irritated and cracked, and it may even start to bleed.  The area is very sensitive, sore and will be very red in colour. Bacterial or yeast infections may occur in the area, and worsen the rash quite significantly.


Some children will go through their nappy-wearing phase without ever having had a nappy rash.  Majority of children will suffer flare-ups from time to time.  Here are some tips on how to try and prevent a nappy rash from occurring:

  1. Frequent nappy changes.
  2. Clean the diaper area with damp cloth and luke-warm water.
  3. Avoid using wipes containing alcohol or perfume.
  4. Make use of ointments that contain Zinc oxide.
  5. Avoid Petroleum jelly.
  6. Always make sure that you apply the ointment in a thin layer. Many people believe that nappy rash calls for a thick layer of ointment, however this causes the area to remain moist and for this reason the rash will not improve.
  7. Should the rash not clear up with ointments you are applying, please make an appointment to see your paediatrician.