What should you do if you suspect your baby has colic?

“The first step in coming to a diagnosis of colic is to rule out what is not colic. so, if your baby cries a lot the checklist is:

✅ Baby is clean and dry

✅ Tummy is full and well burped

✅ Well rested and occupied with some form of entertainment or interactive play

✅ No discomfort from pain or teething, illness or constipation

If all these can be ruled out and your baby still cries enough to meet the criteria for colic, then it is time to move to the next step. keep a symptom diary for baby and a food diary for mom (if the baby is breastfed) and for baby (if the baby is formula fed). it would also be good to keep track of parental mental health to see if any bouts of anxiety or depression coincide with increased crying in a baby.

once you’ve gathered all your information, speak with your doctor. you can then discuss possible treatments.”

What is colic?

“So, if colic isn’t a single medical condition, what exactly is it? it’s basically an umbrella term that describes a baby that cries a lot. the actual medical definition of colic is the occurrence of bouts of crying in an otherwise healthy baby that:

* Occurs in the first 3 months of life;

* Lasts more than 3 hours a day;

* Happens more than 3 days per week; and

* Occurs each week for at least 3 weeks.

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