May, is Burns Awareness Month

Significant research and medical advances have dramatically improved burn care and treatment, aided rehabilitation, shortened hospital stays, and increased burn survival rates. Burn safety education and prevention efforts continue to reduce the number of people who suffer burns each year.

The National Burns Association of South Africa (NBASA) has some important information to share on burns awareness and safety.

Burns awareness and safety at home:

-Have working smoke alarms in your home

-Have an ESCAPE plan

-Use quick-release devices on security-barred windows

-Learn at least two escape routes/emergency exits from each room.

ARM yourself with KNOWLEDGE:

-Use the correct equipment (fire extinguishers in the kitchen, etc.)

-Keep Burnshield products for burns

-Call 10177 for help in a fire situation or 112 on a cell phone.

-Do not overload electrical circuits, especially extension cords

More info:

Dr Wolmarans: 012 549 8900 /

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